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Haydel and Muggah

It is the year 2015 and I am still busy researching. With constant communication on 23andme,, and Facebook, it appears I am neglecting my blog.

This past month I have posted that Ambroise Heidel is my 7th great grandfather. Vilmont Schexnayder’s 3rd great grandfather.The Whitney Plantation, originally known as Habitation Haydel, is located less than an hour from New Orleans, on the historic River Road in Wallace, Louisiana. Ambroise Heidel (1702-ca.1770), the founder of this plantation, emigrated from Germany to Louisiana with his mother and siblings in 1721. The plantation has been in the news lately due to the museum has been remodeled to make slavery the central focus.
I am also taking the time to read books in my busy schedule. I am reading at this time a book call Bouki Fait Gombo: A History of the Slave Community of Habitation Haydel (Whitney Plantation) Louisiana, 1750-1860 by Ibrahima Seck. The book mentions the Haydels, Schexnayders and the Roussels. If you recalled from earlier postings the Roussels were the last slave holder of Vilmont Schexnayder.

Whitney plantation whitney-plantation

This past January, I finally verified my lineage to James Milne Muggah Sr. Born about 1785 in Facteabers in Barissehore, Scotland and moved to Patterson Louisiana. A direct descendant of James Milne Muggah’s granddaughter Margaret Mackey Muggah, also did his DNA testing through 23andme. My new found cousins were gracious enough to share a picture of the homestead and the picture of Jame Milne Muggah Jr. It has been a great to find my European lineage with extended roots, but I still feel compel to find which son of James Sr. is my direct lineage and still have Arabella’s parents to find. At least I have Arabella’s name, unlike Vilmont’s mother.

JamesMuggah_hm,jpg (3)



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Calumet Plantation



In 2011 I traveled to Patterson Louisiana and visited the residence of my 2nd great-grandmother Julianne

and her parents lived on as properties. There were chills running down my body when I walked on the grounds

that they had walked on.The residence now known as“Calumet” was the “O. and N. Cornay Plantation” or

“Radville Plantation”, when my ancestors reside there. It was the home of Octave Cornay, who, with his brother,

Numa, had built up a large sugar mill complex on land inherited from their mother, Mrs. Henry Cornay (nee

Francoise Radville Haydel), in an area known as Dutch Settlement. She had inherited from her parents, George

Haydel and Marguerite Bossier. The original land grant had belonged to Jean Baptiste Bossier.


Jean Baptiste Bossier by John James Audubon 1821

Nephew of the Jean Baptiste Bossier that owned the original Calumet land. Read the rest of this entry »


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