Bayou Teche Whispers Gallery

My ancestors of the Bayou Teche are my maternal branches. One of the most important things I learn on my

recent  visit to Patterson Louisiana, the Teche is pronounced “Tesh”. Pattersonville St. Mary Parish Louisiana.

Vilmont real     Julianne

Vilmont “Vilmore” Schexnayder  1837-1902                           Julianne Schexnayder 1840-1917

Cynthia             John Payne

Cynthia Muggah Payne 1856-1892                             Rev. John M. Payne 1849-1930

Calumet          Mildred Schexnayder Muggah

Calumet Plantation Patterson Louisiana                                 Mildred Muggah


2 responses to “Bayou Teche Whispers Gallery

  1. M. Scobt

    June 15, 2018 at 4:02 am

    Need to know more about a few of your family members on the site. Julianne and John


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