27 Sep


Here are some of the questions I need to answer to find Vilmont’s mother,

1. Who did George Roussel purchased/obtained Vilmont Schexnayder from?
2. Was Vilmont’s mother, property of George Roussel and how did he obtained her?
3. What was Vilmont’s mother’s name?
3 Was Vilmont’s slave baptism documented?

             The presumed father of Vilmont Schexnayder is Norbert Schexnaydre. I could not find any 1850 slave schedule of Norbert Schexnaydre. So I don’t believe he had own Vilmont at anytime. Possible that Norbert’s father Albert Joseph Schexnaydre 1786-1822 might of owned Vilmont’s mother and eventually sold her or her children to George Roussel.

                                                                      Norbert Schexnaydre

The next image is my Schexnaydre descendant tree prepared by Randall Schexnayder for our 2011 Schexnayder Family Reunion t-shirts, which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

        Schexnayder tree

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