Apology to my 2nd great grandmother

09 Sep


In the near future I will be turning 50 years old and I have to apologize to my 2nd great-grandmother Julianne. I am the last female in our direct lineage. My mother Julia had only one daughter and I was blessed to have two great sons, but no daughters. I am blessed to have a picture of Julianne and her words from her pension documents. Julianne was born around 1840 in Patterson, St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. Her mother’s name is Harriet. Harriet and her husband Paul were the slaves of the Cornay brothers of Patterson. Julianne had my great-grandmother Julia Schexnayder in Patterson in 1870. Julia had my grandmother Mildred Julia Muggah. Now my grandmother had my mother Julia Ann. Have you noticed a pattern? They all had Julia in their name besides Harriet. My mother did not know that there was a name pattern,when it came to naming me. We had just found out Julianne’s name about 12 years ago. Without knowing there was a name pattern, I had already chosen, that if I had a daughter, she would be named Julianna. So 22 years ago when I had my second son, which was five years later after my first son, I gave him the middle name Jullian. I actually gave my second son, three of his grandparents names, just in case I didn’t have any other children. I know my maternal lineage is reaching out to me. I will tell their stories and I do apologize for not able to have a daughter to carry on our maternal lineage.

Mildred Schexnayder Muggah
My grandmother Mildred Julia Muggah.

My Mother and me.

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One response to “Apology to my 2nd great grandmother

  1. Luckie Daniels (@OurGeorgiaRoots)

    September 18, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    No apologies are warranted, the Creator & Ancestors make no mistakes. Whatever has or has not come was by design & karma. What they have done though is called you to carry the history of your family. To restore them & tell their stories. Quite a heavy but honorable burden to carry. Belated congrats on your 50th… 🙂


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