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Ministers of the Bayou Teche

Tibbs and Payne

In 1881 a committee in Patterson La, consisted of several ministers was in charge of a parade and picnic

celebration of the emancipation of the slaves of the West Indies.  As of August 1834, all slaves in the British

Empire were emancipated, but still indentured to their former owners in an apprenticeship system which was

finally abolished in 1838. Rev. John Payne was the secretary of the committee and Rev. Anderson Tibbs

was the chaplain of the committee.

Rev Tibbs picture

Reverend Anderson Tibbs

Courtesy of Leola Williams

Reverend Anderson Tibbs of Good Hope Baptist Church in Patterson Louisiana. Reverend Tibbs married

Vilmont Schexnayder and Julianne Unknown. I have Quillo as a her surname, by the way of the notary

trying to spell it as he heard it be pronounced while documenting Julianne’s pension affidavit. Julianne actually

used “Paul” as her last name on her marriage license. Paul was Julianne’s father first name. Julianne’s sister

Mary used “Antonia” as the last name for her in documents. Their father Paul was going by “Antonio” on the

1880 Federal Census. Leola Williams is a descendant of Rev. Tibbs, we have been corresponding for years

about researching Patterson Louisiana. This year I finally convinced her to do her DNA testing with 23ANDME

Guess what Leola and I did the happy dance…we are cousins. Since there was no mention of Reverend Tibbs,

who was from Tennessee as being a relative in the pension papers. I had to inquire about Leola’s other

ancestors. Well Reverend Tibbs married Antoinette Vijoe of Patterson Louisiana. Is it just me, but do you see a

similarity of the surnames Quillo, Antonio and Vijoe.  It might be a possibility that Antoinette Vijoe might be

a sister or cousin of Julianne. But not to rule out the other surnames in Leola’s family, I will investigate them as

well. Leola surnames are Grimes, Harris and Howard. 


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Another one of my branches of the Bayou Teche is the Muggahs. Julia Schexnayder (1870-1957) married

Milton Muggah (1860-1926) of Patterson Louisiana. I was fortunate to find my a new cousin Scott Buckner on He is a descendant of Milton Muggah’s sister Cynthia Muggah (1856-1892) and her husband

Minister John M. Payne (1849-1930).


                                                    John Payne

              Cynthia Muggah                                                           Minister John Payne

       Courtesy of Scott Buckner                                                Courtesy of Scott Buckner

    I have to visit the Williams Research Center, 410 Chartres Street  New Orleans, LA 70130  for the Muggah

Family Papers, I don’t know if Milton and Cynthia’s mother Arabella Harper/Hopper was a slave owned by the

Muggah family.

MSS 456
Muggah Family Papers
168 Items.
Scope and Content Note: James M. Muggah Jr. moved to Patterson, La. and established himself in the red

cypress lumber business. He expanded his enterprises to include not only the lumber

company, but also the hotel on Last Island and boats used to transport people to the popular resort. In August

of 1856 a hurricane struck the island doing damage to the hotel and killing members of the Muggah family. The

majority of items in this collection center on James M. Muggah and his wife Julia Cecelia Curtis Muggah, both

before and after the hurricane. Personal and business correspondence, legal documents, and photographs are

included in this collection. Also included are essays and addresses of James Muggah from his involvement in

a debating society. Cite as: Muggah Family Papers, MSS 456, Williams Research Center, The Historic New

Orleans Collection. Arrangement: Material is arranged into five series:

1- Correspondence; 2-Financial and Legal Materials; 3- Documents and Papers;4- Notes, Essays, and

Addresses of James M. Muggah; 5-Miscellaneous Items and Photographs. Items are arranged chronologically

within each series


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Here are some of the questions I need to answer to find Vilmont’s mother,

1. Who did George Roussel purchased/obtained Vilmont Schexnayder from?
2. Was Vilmont’s mother, property of George Roussel and how did he obtained her?
3. What was Vilmont’s mother’s name?
3 Was Vilmont’s slave baptism documented?

             The presumed father of Vilmont Schexnayder is Norbert Schexnaydre. I could not find any 1850 slave schedule of Norbert Schexnaydre. So I don’t believe he had own Vilmont at anytime. Possible that Norbert’s father Albert Joseph Schexnaydre 1786-1822 might of owned Vilmont’s mother and eventually sold her or her children to George Roussel.

                                                                      Norbert Schexnaydre

The next image is my Schexnaydre descendant tree prepared by Randall Schexnayder for our 2011 Schexnayder Family Reunion t-shirts, which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

        Schexnayder tree

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Vilmont real

                                             My 2nd great-grandfather Vilmont “Vilmore” Schexnayder

I am a tribal member of the African-American Genealogy and Slave Ancestry Research. The members have been personally challenged to solve at least one ancestor challenge by the Spring of 2014. So the next few months of writing will be about my journey of finding Vilmont Schexnayder’s mother.

My Challenge: To find the unknown mother of Vilmont Schexnayder. The unknown mother was most likely a négresse esclave, possibly living in St. John the Baptist Parish in Louisiana. Her children were slaves. Her son Vilmont Schexnayder was born about 1837. Vilmont and his sister Virginia were the property of George Roussel in 1857 in St. John Parish La.
Ancestor(s): 2nd great-grandfather Vilmont Schexnayder

Others: Norbert Schexnaydre (1818-1880) of St. John Parish is the presumed European father of Vilmore Schexnayder.



Slave owner George Sylvester Roussel Footsteps:

1840 – a 46-year-old George Roussel is living in ST. JOHN Parish. He owns 28 slaves. 3 males under the age of 10 (Vilmont’s age range), 5 females of ages between 10-23 , 5 females between 24-35, 1 female between 36-54 (Unknown mother’s age ranges)

1850 – George Roussel is living in ST. JOHN Parish on a Wood yard. His real estate valued at $14,000. He owns 27 slaves. 2 males between 15-16 (Possible Vilmont’s age range) One female 27, one female 36, and one female 60.

1858 – George Roussel dies.

1859 Partition of settlement of the estate of George Roussel.
There was 22 human property to be disburse to family members:
~ Demophen Roussel received William 37 years , Francois 35, Rosimon 14

~ Louis Amedee Roussel received Aimes 50, Louis 24, Vilmont 23, Jean Pierre 70, Robert 12, Virginia 20 and her two children, and Betsy 35.

~ Rosilla Roussel Degravelle received Augustine 55,

~ Adele Roussel Cornay received Alfur 9, Aglae 7, Sylvester 3

~ Delphine Roussel Tassin received Dada alias Alexis 63

~ Eliza Roussel received Henriette 37 and her 4 children

If Vilmont’s mother was in this disbursement than she might have been Augustine 55, or Henriette 37.

The surname Schexnayder

~ 1863 During the Civil War, Vilmont Schexnayder left his slave holder Louis Amedee Roussel and enlisted in the United States Colored Troop.

~ According to Civil War pension affidavit, Vilmont enlisted in the U.S.C.T. under the name Belmont Sechnigh. When he enlisted the person that registered him wrote down what he thought he heard was his name. So Vilmont answered to Belmont Sechnigh during his entire enlistment.

~ According to Civil War pension affidavit Louis Amedee Roussel stated that Vilmont’s father was a white man. Vilmont’s mother was not mentioned in the Civil War pension affidavit.

~ In St. John Parish, the Schexnaydre’s families were neighbors of George Roussel. The Roussels and Schexnaydres have intermarried with each other. Consulting a Schexnayder genealogist Jay Schexnaydre, I asked him if he had heard any oral history of any Schexnaydre men that had children with a slave. He told me of one name Norbert Schexnaydre (1818-1880). Researching Norbert, I found that he live very close to George Roussel and had married his niece in 1843. So Norbert was a bachelor during the time Vilmont was conceived. Jay had given me, one of Norbert’s descendants email address to correspond about Norbert. This particular descendant did not agree with Jay’s oral history and did not want to correspond with me.

~ A year later my mother did her DNA testing with 23andme and the first cousin to popped up was a 3rd cousin name Schexnaydre. I called the fellow Schexnayder genealogist and asked him if he had this person in his records and he did, the person is a direct descendant of Norbert Schexnaydre.The next couple of years other Schexnayders and other collateral surnames descendants of St. John Parish popped up as DNA cousins. So the surname is correct and I am 98.% sure that Norbert Schexnaydre is Vilmont’s father.

~ Jay Schexnaydre’s oral history about Norbert had to do with a woman of color Marguerite Young and her sons Antoine Schexnayder born about 1844 and Celestine Schexnayder.

~ If Norbert was still having a relationship with Vilmont’s mother at least 7 years later after Vilmont was conceived than Marguerite could possibly be his mother.


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